Company Name K. Kajornrat Inter Co.,Ltd 
K. Kjornrat Suksawad Co., Ltd (2)
Office Address 86/196 Moo 3, Ekachai 34, Ekachai Road,
Bangkhunthien, Jomthong, BKK 10150
Plant Address 86/77 Moo 3, Ekachai 34, Ekachai Road,
Bangkhuntien, Jomthong, BKK, 10150
Plant Address (2) 7/8, 8/11 Moo 3, Bangkru, Phrapradang, Samutprakarn 10130 THAILAND
Telephone (662) 415 1172, 415 0718, 893 0410
Fax (662) 415 0718
Year Established Since 1974
Established By Mr. Kajorn Yongrupraphan
Business Type Plastic Manufacturer under Blowing and Injection System
Product Trademark
Machine Operation Automatic Blowing Machines Ranking from 750 - 5000 tons
Automatic Injection Machines Ranking from 90 - 480 tons assembled with Swing Arm Robots
Two Steps Silkscreen Printing Machines
Product Plastic Packaging ranking from 30 ml. - 10 litres
Acrylic Tube
OEM (Made to order)
Other Services Blowing and Injection Mould
Plastic Raw Material And Pigment Commodity Plastic - HDPE, PE, PP, PP COPO, LDPE, ABS, PS
from the reliable agents of SCG, PTT, HMC, TPI, IRPC
Engineering Plastic - Nylon6. POM Etc.
From the reliable agents
Food Grade Pigment
Major Group of Customers Food Industry
Medical and Drug Industry
Automotive Industry
Chemical and Agricultural Industry
Household Industry
Construction Industry
Air Fresher Industry
Cosmetic Industry